Tired of Diapers that Don’t Stay on? Do-Rite Diaper Straps keep the diaper on the dog.
For males that mark, females in heat, incontinent pets, house breaking pets and traveling dogs.

Sizing Your Pet

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Waistline to Tail (A-B)
6-9 inches
8-16 pounds
Toys, Miniature Doberman, Pomeranians
8-12 inches
16-23 pounds
Jack Russell Terrier, Bichon Frise
10-14 inches
20-27 pounds
Pugs, Minature Schnauzer

*For best fit, the waistband of the diaper should not fall more than an inch below the dog’s waistline. This is especially important for male dogs to ensure adequate coverage and prevention of leakage at the waistband.

Written instructions with illustrations enclosed with every purchase.

Manufactured in USA under Patent Numbers 6,935,278, 6,675,745 and 6837191. Do-Rites, the Do-Rite logos “Even a Good Dog Can Have a Bad Day” and “Keep the Diaper on the Dog and the Dog in the Diaper” are trade marks or registered trade marks.

Please do not let your dog chew or eat the diaper. Discard used diapers in appropriate trash receptacle.