Tired of Diapers that Don’t Stay on? Do-Rite Diaper Straps keep the diaper on the dog.
For males that mark, females in heat, incontinent pets, house breaking pets and traveling dogs.

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Do-Rites® is a revolutionary, premium, disposable, dog diaper that actually fits your dog comfortably. The patented adjustable straps assure that the diaper stays in place and won’t come off until you are ready to remove it. In short, these features KEEP THE DIAPER ON THE DOG AND THE DOG IN THE DIAPER™.

Dogs are most certainly man’s best friend. But sometimes that friendship is strained because your four legged friend has an accident on the carpet or on your favorite arm chair.

A variety of reasons may cause your pet to have accidents. Sometimes it’s due to incontinence or sometimes it may be due to something as simple as you didn’t get home in time. In other instances the pet is just plain hard-headed. No matter what the reason, we believe that EVEN A GOOD DOG CAN HAVE A BAD DAY®.

Do-Rites® are constructed of soft absorbent materials which stretch to fit a dog’s body comfortably and the clever design of the diaper keeps both liquid and solid waste from escaping onto floors and carpets.

Do-Rites® premium dog diapers, come in three small dog sizes (medium, large and extra large). Do-Rites® may be used in the following ways: training puppies; providing protection for females in season, males that mark and pets with incontinency issues; traveling with your pet on public carriers and providing temporary protection for any dog that has an occasional bad day. Do-Rites® may even be used during regular walks. Simply discard the soiled diaper when convenient and continue on your way. Only Do-Rites® provide a sanitary method of disposing of waste without having to carry along bags and/or scooping utensils.

When your dog wears Do-Rites® premium dog diapers, you will once again welcome your pet in all rooms of the house. When your dog wears Do-Rites®, it will be welcomed in public places. When your dog wears Do-Rites® it shows that you care, your pet is clean and there will not be any unpleasant accidents. The Do-Rite Disposable Dog Diaper is the answer to your prayers.