Tired of Diapers that Don’t Stay on? Do-Rite Diaper Straps keep the diaper on the dog.
For males that mark, females in heat, incontinent pets, house breaking pets and traveling dogs.


November 16, 2016

“Daisy is a faithful 16-year old mixed breed who never would have urinated in the house when she was younger. After cleaning up endless messes and despairing because no diaper would stay on (she worked them all off), a friend recommended Doggie Do-Rites and it changed our lives! The diaper fits her perfectly with no leaking, is clearly comfortable on her, and we no longer have a stinky house. I really appreciate that they are disposable and that if she doesn’t urinate, the diaper is re-usable. Thank you!”

April 15, 2015

“Necessity is the mother of invention and that’s basically what happened with me,” Dana Brewington told Hollywood on the Potomac. She was speaking about creating a solution for her Pomeranian dog Mr. Chips given to her as a Christmas present. “One day he got sick sometime in 2001. It was determined that he had diabetes and it wasn’t going to get any better. I had learned to give him insulin and he was having little accidents that he couldn’t help because of his condition. My first inclination was to just go out and buy a dog diaper. Well, guess what? In 2001 there weren’t any. Because I basically came out of my mother’s womb with a threaded needle and symbol in hand and have always been drawn to fashion and design, I basically applied those skills and created something through trial and error.”

Excerpt from the article by Janet Donovan, Doggone Winner! To view the entire article visit this link: click here

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link: Do-rite’s Dana Brewington featured as innovative business owner

 April 27, 2014

Dana, Daisy slept all night in her new Do-Rite Disposable Dog Diaper and it was soaked when she got up…. However all of the urine was contained and  I did not have to change her bedding!!!  I have been telling my sister about your product as she also has a mini Doxie.  Thanks for all you have done and the advice you have given.

Francis and Daisy West Salem, Il.

April 26, 2014

Thanks Dana for my comfy new diaper.  I can nap without worrying about making a mess for mom to clean up. Mom said you were great getting the special measurements for my long little body.  I am sure it wasn’t easy since I am a mini Doxie.  Not only is it comfy, but stylish for a girl my age.  I must keep up on my appearance as I age (ha-ha).  My new Do-rite saved the day for mom an me.

Thanks for everything

Francie and Daisy – West Salem, Il. (See homepage for  “Daisy the Doxie” sleeping soundly in her Do-rites!)

April 1, 2014

Dear Dana: The Do-Rite Diapers fit infinitely better quality than any diapers we have tried. Absolutely no comparison. They are less bulky and simply more eye appealing. They are elasticized for comfort + stay on thanks to suspenders. Since dogs don’t have protruding shoulders, the velco clips are a clever idea to help hold straps in place. I very much appreciate the custom length straps. So glad we found Do-Rites. Kindest regards, Linda Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

From Linda of British Columbia, Canada

July 10, 2013

Jessie is a 58 pound basset hound. She can’t walk, she can only drag herself along.  The diaper really stays in place.  And, I just love Jessie’s new custom made Do-rite diapers!

From Ann B Billings Montana

July 30, 2013

Hi Dana:  I sent you a message from my phone on Saturday but guess didn’t go through.  Want to order 24 pink diapers for Ellie!  Also, Ellie loves her Do-Rite diapers!  They are so comfortable for her!  Ellie has a physical disability and is incontinent so finding the right diaper was very important.  Dana at Do-Rites was up to the task and custom made diapers to fit her beautiful little body making Ellie and her human family very happy!!!!  Thank you so much Dana and Do-Rites

From Nancy in New Jersey

October 7, 2012

Dear Do-Rites

Bella is our adorable Cocker Spaniel, and she is the reason that I am writing to you today.  Bella is only 6 years old, but almost 4 years ago now, she ran off our deck chasing squirrels.  She slipped on ice and ended up blowing a disc in her back.  Unfortunately, while in surgery, she suffered a fairly large blood clot, which reduced her chances for gaining back the use of her legs.  After years of rehabilitation, water therapy, acupuncture, etc, she still cannot walk.  But, Bella is happy and healthy otherwise, and as we animal-lovers know we strive to make the best of things. Bella can do.  She is the same, sweet, wonderful dog who still chases toys and loves to cuddle on the couch.  She has a wheel chair and loves exploring!  Her vet is happy with where she is at and we have learned to simply make adjustments.  She continues to need to be expressed manually (although she has had accidents!) and she really doesn’t have any control over her feces.  Naturally, this is the biggest challenge we face as the owners of a disabled dog.  I would not be stretching the truth at all if I told you that we have tried virtually EVERY dog diaper known to mankind.  We have also taken a shot a human baby diapers.  We have spent literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the search for a diaper that actually worked.  Well, I am thrilled to tell you that YOUR DO-RITES WORK! She wiggles a lot through the house and these diapers really stay put.  They don’t leak, and the feces stay contained too. Our floors are clean again!!!.  I want to THANK  YOU from the bottom of our hearts for creating such a wonderful product!  I only hope you can get the word out to more people…It will be a Godsend to those who not only have disabled dogs, but also for others that need the product for other reasons.  Congratulations, and thanks again!!!!

Sherri of Waukesha, Wisconsin

February 16, 2012
In November of 2010, my 6 year old miniature doxie ruptured a disc and had to have surgery. I took her home 1 week after surgery, at which time she was totally incontinent. I was told that when she starts to walk, her bowel and bladder control will return. To make a long story short, it is 15 months post surgery and she is a special needs dog with bladder and bowel control and urgency issues. I tried every doggie and baby diaper on the market. They are too thick and are made for dogs than can walk. As you will see in the video, I tried a diaper harness, which would not stay attached to the diaper, so I sewed suspender clips to the ends of the straps. The clips did not hold. I tried other devices, too many to mention. The fabric covers are only for urine, the poop will fall out. Then I found Do-Rite Disposable Doggie Diapers. Ok, I said to myself, when I saw the ad, these will never stay on. The diapers came and I thought, the straps are too thin and the velcro isn’t even strong.  Boy, was I wrong. The diapers are super thin and super absorbent, and will accommodate a bowel movement. As you will see in the video, no matter how she rolls around, trips, staggers or drags her hind legs, the Do-Rite diaper never, and I mean never, comes off. The remarkable thing is, that the diaper creates her hind legs to stay apart, which prevents them from crossing over each other and she drags and trips much less. Thank you, thank you Do-Rite, I have my dog back.
Narberth, Pa

Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 11:09 PM

To: customersupport@do-rites.com

Subject: Re: Your Do-Rite Order was sent today

Dear Do-Rites

I just want to thank you for all your time and caring in this diaper matter for Barbie.  We really appreciate it. This journey for the past year with Barbie has been hell, to say the least. She is worth it, but I had not idea what I was in for. However, along the way, I have met many very special people. Though we have never met, I do consider you to be a very special person. The amount of time you have spent with me, in order to make this work, has been very much appreciated. Anything I can do to help you to expand your business, I will be happy to do. As soon as I get the diapers, I will let you know how they fit.

Thank you again for everything

Susan of Narberth Pa.

JUNE 20, 2011

Hi Do-Rites,

I’m the one with the miniature dachshund custom fitted by you in New York last year.  Well, the time has come to use the diapers more regularly and I would like to order more.  The ones you sent after seeing her and making adjustments fit perfectly and did not come off at night!  Would you also please let me know the most economical way to order them?

Many thanks,

Suzanne M of NYC

On 3/3/11 12:45 PM, “Janet”  wrote:
These diaper pants are the cutest things.  I just love them.  My little dog has bladder cancer, and they sure have been helpful.
Thank you.
Janet of Kentucky

Friday, January 28, 2011 11:59 PM
Hi Dana, this is Larry in Wisconsin.  Hey, just want to let you know that this is the first week that I was gone….Left the wife with my pooch and the new diaper.  It made the week a whole lot better.  A whole lot less stress, no pee on the floor and everything was great. Anyway, as I said this diaper has saved my marriage. So here is the deal, don’t worry about them customized.  Just send me an order and I’m gonna change it to 50; not 40 but 50.  So send me 50 diapers the way you make them. And, send them ASAP.   Larry of Wisconsin

 Tuesday, January 18, 2011 2:50 PM
Hi Do-Rites:
I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my daughter discussing your fantastic product. Lizzy (25) and wants you to know that the hot pink diapers looks the best on a little girl dog – purple comes in second. She can see how fantastic your product is. I told her that I wish I had money to invest in your business. I believe your product serves a very specific important niche that keeps peoples pets alive far longer then they would be without your diaper.
Larry of Wisconsin

January 14, 2010

Dear Do-Rites;

Over the summer of 2009, my 14 year old toy poodle, Tucker, had lost his ability to control his bladder. I tried countless solutions, from diapers sold in pet stores to human diapers. None of these diapers fit properly and they were extremely uncomfortable for him to wear. I thought I had completely run out of options and that our rugs were bound to be ruined. As I browsed the internet for answers I came across Do-Rites diapers. The day they came in the mail, I knew we had found the solution. The diapers fit amazingly; they are comfortable; they look like a fashionable pet accessory rather than a diaper and Tucker is not bothered by them at all. We have not had a single accident in the house since. Not only are the diapers good looking and easy to handle but I never had better customer service. After receiving my first shipment the owner of Do-Rites called thanking me for my order and leaving her telephone number so that I could reach her anytime with concerns or questions. Since then we have talked multiple times about our experience with the diapers, changed colors and ordered new shipments. Do Rite diapers are the perfect solution. I highly recommend them.
Many Thanks!
Tucker and his owner of Wisconsin

 1/11/10 3:18 AM, “Tony Anderson” wrote:

Hello Dana,

We received the diapers today.That was pretty quick delivery. We are so happy with the diapers,they fit Pasha perfectly. She seems comfortable and there was no leakage. We have tried quiet a few other things and haven’t found anything that even comes close to your product. It is such a relief to us know that when Pasha becomes fully incontinent that we now have something that is going to help her and make it alot easier on us. They are really fantastic and she looks cute in them too.    We would like to place an order for a box of 50. The same size LARGE with the pink trim.  You will have to get back to me with the postage costs and we will pay with credit card like last time.
Thanks again.  Tony of Sidney Australia

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 9:09 PM
I saw an advertisement for this fake green grass (sod can be used) and thought that it would work for my dogs since they’re litter box trained (although only in their crate).   I followed the conversation about that as far as I could and came across your product.  You will make lots of money just advertising it to Yorkietalk.com.  If I like it, I’ll let everyone know also.  I have 2 Yorkies.  Monkey is very skinny, is male, and is 3 lbs 2 oz.  Lucy is more substantial.  She is 5 lbs. 8 oz.   A lot of the dogs on Yorkietalk are small like Monkey and new owners are desperate for help with potty training.  I’ve had many dogs in my life but never ones like these two.  However, they are adorable and I love them but would like to not have to worry about them going to the bathroom everywhere.  Lucy is pretty good but Monkey is something else.  I call him “Serial Potty Boy”.  Let’s figure this out.
Jan Carter

Sent: Saturday, April 11, 2009 7:59  AM

Hi:  My  order arrived today–well packaged and on time.  You sent a very  colorful selection–more colors than I remembered from the expo!  Your  diapers are the best I’ve tried.  Macy is comfortable, well-covered,  and the diaper stays secure on her all day.  I have confidence that I  can come home to a dry house now!  You have a quality product that will  benefit many pets and their owners.
DEB + Milo and  Macy
Rescue Me – Yorkie Rescue
A 501(c)3 Non-Profit  Organization Northern Virginia

March 10 2009

Dear Do-Rites,

I can’t sing the praises of the Do-Rite diaper enough.  I am an international flight attendant traveling to the US at least once a month.  I am also the owner of a nine year old, apricot, miniature poodle named Butch. We reside in Italy. During the past year, Butch was diagnosed with an enlarged heart that requires the use of diuretic medications.  The medications result in his leaking urine during the day and night.  Because Butch sleeps with me, his nighttime leaking is most problematic.  I have tried using other diaper brands that I purchased in France.  However, they did not stay on Butch.  Then one of my US friends told be about Do-Rites.  What a relief…the straps really worked and kept the diaper on Butch. The only drawback to your product is that they are not sold in Europe. However, that really was a minor issue because the staff of Do-Rites went out of their way to meet my plane once a month in the Washington DC area so that I could purchase additional Do-Rites.  Talk about good customer service.

Giovanni of Italy.

 August 9, 2006
Dear Do-Rites,
I can’t tell you what a life-saver your Do-Rites dog diaper has been for our family. We have a very sweet little 14 year old Cock-a-Poo named Lucy. For her age, she is surprisingly playful and puppy-like. However, over the past year, she has gradually lost some bladder control and, needless to say, this has been a real problem. We tried dog diapers purchased from the local pet store, but they didn’t stay on. Lucy rolls around and chases her toys up and down the stairs, and the dog diapers would slide down her legs and cause her to trip. Then a friend told us about Do-Rites. These diapers are perfect for Lucy. The adjustable straps hold them in place. They don’t slide off, they don’t interfere with movement, and Lucy doesn’t even realize she has them on. She wears them at night, which is often when she would have accidents on the carpet. She wears them during the day, if we have to be out of the house for longer than a few hours. The great thing about Do-Rites is that, if Lucy stays dry through the night, she goes out for her usual morning walk and she can wear the same Do-Rite the next night. We don’t know what we would have done about this problem without Do-Rites. That adjustable strap idea is pure genius and it has solved a potentially serious problem for our family. Thank you Do-Rites.

Bill and Carol and Lucy Greater Washington DC area

March 28, 2006
Dear Sir or Madame:
I love the new Do-Rite Disposable Pet Diaper (“Do-Rites”) and find it to be the perfect solution for my problem pet poodle, Champagne. Recently, Miss Champagne has started having accidents late at night. I believe that her unavoidable nocturnal lapses are due in part to her age. During daylight hours she is generally well behaved and will ask to go outside when the need arises. However, if she is ever left home alone or denied a “treat” from the table her temperament changes and she retaliates by leaving a special “mess” on the living room and/or dining room floors. Trust me, these daytime occurrences aren’t accidents… this is classic “dwa” (dog with an attitude)! Since discovering Do-Rites, our indoor toileting issues have been resolved and we are once again in harmony. The diapers are easy to use and comfortable for Champagne. In fact, they are so comfortable, that she fully accepts wearing them. When it’s time for a change, she comes, stands by patiently, and voluntarily lifts her hind legs so that the diaper may be slipped on and secured. The best part about Do-Rites is that they are completely disposable, they come in several cute patterns and colors, and, when we are away from home, quite a conversation piece. Furthermore, they do not restrict Champagne’s normal activities. She engages in her usual habits of leaping up on the family room sofa, racing down my hallways like a contender in the Kentucky Derby, and scooting under my bed for that all important midday nap. The Do-Rites Diaper has completely changed my life for the better. Of course, Miss Champagne still gets angry whenever she is left alone. However, now when I return home I do not worry about cleaning up after her. Instead, I greet her with a hug, a smile, and maybe a treat, depending on whatever other mischief she has created during my absence! I love my pet and I love Do-Rites. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone owning pets with bad habits or bad attitudes!

Joyce J. Bolden of Mississippi